As seen in VOGUE Magazine

"Kush Cake Pops and Cannabis Bath Bombs: This is the Luxe Marijuana Subscription You've Been Dreaming Of..." (August 2016)


As seen on TMZ

Highlights from the TMZ Exclusive

"Think birthday buds and edibles, lots of them courtesy of Kush Kakery -- yes, Cali has weed bakeries..." 

"G-Eazy's party also had strippers and a YG performance, but no one had more fun than Pam and famed photog David LaChapelle. One too many Kush Cake pops? " (June 2016)


As seen on TMZ Live on FOX Network and trending viral on social media

"G-Eazy threw a huge birthday bash for his 27th birthday and it was filled with booze, plenty of weed and Pamela Anderson being dry humped by Dave LaChapelle..."

As seen on FUSE and Skee TV

DJ Skee and Tyler the Creator discuss Camp Flog Gnaw with special thanks to Kush Kakery (November 2015)

As seen on Revolt TV

Revolt TV covers G-Eazy's 27th birthday bash in Malibu, California with Kush Kakery on the scene (June 2016)

As seen in Food Travel

"Sophicated Marijuana Edibles" by Akila McConnell (June 1, 2016)

Since recreational marijuana use is legal in both states, marijuana edibles manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to take pot to sophisticated heights. It's looking like these marijuana edibles are just the start of a huge and growing industry. But, for now, check out these sophisticated marijuana edibles that go beyond the pot brownie."

As seen in SF Gate

Halloween’s Spookiest Cannabis Strains and Products 2016  By Jimi Devine (Oct. 31, 2016)

"Strongest Space Cakes We Could Find" - Rolling Stone Magazine

June 2013 / Issue No. 1185 - "Wiz Khalifa and Nathan Williams Edible Odessey "

“The whole weed cake thing? I’m totally with it. The icing and the cake is so good that it’s like a little weed surprise. You get a pretty woozy, loopy body high, but at the same time you feel good and in the game.” -Wiz Khalifa 

"Who doesn't like cake on a stick?" -Huffington Post

January 2014 - "Edible That Could Pass As Real Food"


"These giant, colorful cakes-on-a-stick grab your attention with their looks and keep it with their deliciousness and power" - Skunk Magazine

July-August 2015 / Volume 10, Issue 8 - "Cake Up! An Experience Like No Other" (pages 84,85)

"Kush Kakery has created a fine niche for themselves and the world is starting to take notice" -

The Kush Cake Pop phenomenon burst onto the scene when Rolling Stone (June 2013) deemed them “The strongest space cakes we could find.”  

Commercials and Reviews

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